Best Affiliate Programs With Forex & CPA 2024 Updated by Top Forex Brokers Review May, 2024

There’s also the provision of multilingual assets, high-converting banners, landing pages and other marketing materials and a CPA plan with lucrative commissions. Libertex affiliates will receive a fixed commission for each qualified trader – up to $1200. Whereas most forex broker affiliate programs pay fixed cash commissions, RoboForex rewards you with a percentage-based revenue share scheme. Exness runs one of the highest-paying forex trading affiliate programs on the market, offering up to $1,850 for each referred user who becomes an active client, with extra bonuses for top performers. The platform’s traditional CPA affiliate program, designed for affiliate marketers, pays up to $800 for successful referrals.

  • The term “Forex affiliation” refers to a form of third-party marketing whereby one trader recommends another trader to use a specific broker.
  • The best affiliate program should provide transparency from start to finish, self-service to manage Forex affiliates, and a point of contact if something goes wrong.
  • The Forex affiliate program began to offer stable and high-quality Forex solutions, thanks to which the most diverse parties are effectively combined in many aspects.
  • Affiliates are typically provided with a range of promotional materials, including banners, text links, landing pages, and educational content.

A comprehensive review curated by Top Forex Brokers Review analyzes prominent Forex affiliate programs and networks extensively, unveiling a treasure trove of opportunities for aspiring affiliates. Delving into financial markets, the review meticulously examines renowned platforms such as FP Markets, BlackBull, Eightcap, Octa, DNA Markets, IC Markets, FXTM, and FXPro. Each platform is scrutinized for its reliability, transparency, and profitability potential, offering prospective affiliates valuable insights into their suitability for partnership.

Can I participate in multiple forex affiliate programmes simultaneously?

With 0% commissions, instant withdrawals, and a choice of eight asset classes, RoboForex offers a simple, reliable way to invest in financial markets. Vantage is a global CFD broker that allows clients to trade 1,000+ products across forex, commodities, stocks, and more. The platform has over 900,000 clients and a monthly traded volume north of $200 billion.

You need to understand your audience—the kind of people or investors who click on your links. The Forex market is friendly to newer brokerage businesses; meanwhile, the industry offers the only chance to achieve success. CRM systems will help you develop new partnerships or change the existing ones swiftly. As a result, you will have the flexibility to acquire the best introducing broker programs and other types of partnerships on the fly.

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So, it is important to monitor and manage multiple partnerships flawlessly and keep track of how well they are representing your brand. In reality, WL solutions serve as a bridge between the affiliates and brokers, but their presentation makes them seem like independent providers. Businesses earn extra income without additional marketing expenses and increase the efficiency of their sales. Under the old RoboForex referral program, you would have received your partner commission only on Saturday. Every time your attracted client becomes a partner, you will receive 10% of their overall commission. Additionally, eToro offers all affiliates training and educational resources to help them optimize their affiliate strategy and maximize results.

forex affiliate system

Partner with a reliable global broker and get a rewarding revolution of your income. Do you want to get super high lifetime passive income by becoming a Forex IB? In the ever-evolving landscape of forex trading, these top deals stood out as pillars of excellence, embodying the pinnacle of achieving financial prosperity.

Best Brokers with High Paying Forex Affiliate

Use our Partner Calculator to calculate your potential earnings for other instruments easily. Within the Infinity Program, RoboForex partners also get 20% from swaps for their attracted clients’ opened positions. For each closed transaction of a client you have attracted, you will receive a fixed payout per lot traded. Forex is one of 275+ trading instruments available through easyMarkets, with other options including bitcoin, gold, and oil.

forex affiliate system

Affiliates enrolled in the CPA program have the potential to earn a commission of up to $1850 on the platform, depending on the country and trading volume related to affiliate referrals. Founded in 2008, Exness is an established Forex broker with over 600,000 global users. Its affiliate program is one of the most extensive currently available in the industry, with a range of tools and systems in place to support its affiliates. Forex traders conduct their business via brokers, which are financial companies that act as a marketplace for traders to purchase, sell, and trade a range of currencies.


Additionally, Forex referral programs present an avenue for affiliates to earn through recommending services to their network. However, other considerations are vital beyond these conventional models in determining the Complete Record Of Top Crypto Taps best Forex affiliate programs. This low-risk approach doesn’t sacrifice the potential for significant rewards. Affiliates can earn substantial commissions, especially if they refer a sizable number of active traders.

forex affiliate system

Introducing Brokers, also known as a fully disclosed firm, is a subset that provides guidance and consultation to newcomer traders within this field. These companies introduce traders to a potential forex brokerage that suits their needs and current trading requirements. This system allows brokerages to identify agencies that will market their products in exchange for a commission, percentage shares or a fixed rate per sale. For newcomers to the affiliate marketing world, Forex trading affiliates programs might appear too technical, specialized, and niche to be suitable for beginners. However, many Forex programs are more straightforward than you might expect, with some offering full training to support and guide new affiliates.

B2Core – Forex CRM for Brokerages and Exchanges.

Payments for referrals are probably the most enjoyable part of being an affiliate. Before you start working as an affiliate, you should thoroughly study the terms of payment, qualification criteria, and payment terms. Even better is to choose an affiliate program with a simple structure, transparent online tracking, and a regular payment schedule. Most brokers assign an account manager to new affiliates to help them get started and you should take advantage of this.

At the same time, IB takes over a part of the marketing budget, which allows for cutting costs of Forex broker’s financial plans. That is why the cooperation of IBs is based on the profit-sharing scheme between the partners. Sarah was impressed by the network’s array of marketing tools and resources, empowering affiliates to promote top-tier Forex brokers effectively. The network ensured transparency and ease of use with user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive tracking systems. Affiliates like Sarah could maximize their earning potential by strategically using keywords and optimized content.

Educational materials

They can be simple, low-cost ones such as social media, you need to choose a combination of channels with very good reach. This helps you cover more people from different segments and categories and you will be reaching a new audience who are not really into forex trading because they are not sure about it. Forex affiliate is an individual who promotes forex trading services to other people. An affiliate earns commission for every person he or she refers to a broker.

Commission structure, conversion rates, marketing tools, and support are crucial elements that can make or break an affiliate partnership. Top Forex Brokers Review ensures that each program they endorse meets these criteria, guaranteeing affiliates a solid foundation for success. Nowadays, you need to be cautious about becoming a forex or other derivatives affiliate because affiliate marketing is such a competitive sector. If you engage with reliable brokers and select the finest FX affiliate program, it may be a profitable channel. To assist in attracting traffic and earning more money, you should use the best affiliate marketing methods and practices. Then, by suggesting traders or investors to a certain broker, you may start earning commissions and other incentives.

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